Our Projects

Our professional preference is for the so-called green technologies. We support companies, organizations and individuals with our expertise in the search, research and development as well as the protection of inventions or technical improvements that lead to sustainability, the careful use of resources, ecological energy production, especially alternative or natural energy resources.

These technically highly complex technologies, which are often difficult to protect under patent law, have been our focus since the beginning of our activities. From material science to manufacturing processes to the finished product or application, we can bring inventions in these technologies to patent protection.

Germany is one of the engines of green technologies, but these are often not given the necessary protection with which conventional technologies have been protected since the introduction of the Patent Act. The World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in Geneva has therefore launched the WIPO GREEN project, which aims to bring together stakeholders in this specific subfield of patent law.

Patent Attorney Alexander M. Bach has been a member of the expert group of the WIPO GREEN project since its inception and supports those working in this specialized field by providing appropriate patent advice. Mr. Bach's education in computer science and physics with studies in the field of air pollution, determination of physical properties of dirt particles and of combustion products as well as other aerosols, as well as computer-based work in the fields of measurement and sensor technology, optics and fluid physics provide a good basis for this. Our support includes, on the one hand, assisting inventors in the development process and, on the other hand, identifying patentable inventions at every stage of development. We are available worldwide with our expertise in this area.